The Ultimate Guide to Design Theory

☝️This purchase comes with 230 page Practical Guide to Design Theory PDF
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✌️Digital and high Rez Design Theory poster files so you can print off the posters wherever you like or use them as resources
(Color Poster, Typography Poster, Logo Design Poster and Layout Poster) 

🖖A Bonus Logo Design Theory guide at over 100 pages (PDF)

Other Bonus documents like the guide to print theory and social media design theory resources (PDF).

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I wanted to create one single source for budding graphic designers who wanted to really understand a wide range of graphic design theory aspects. 

That is where the practical guide to design theory was born. This guide is a fun a visual experience mixed with real world examples, charts and graphics. I wanted to make this an easy read that is packed full of relevant design theory information without being too ambitious or overwhelming. 

WE talk about four major foundations of design theory including:

  • Gestalt Theory 
  • Gestalt Examples
  • NEW! The History of Graphic Design Styles
  • NEW! Important Moments in History in Modern Graphic Design
  • Typography Introduction
  • The History of Typography 
  • Anatomy of Typography 
  • Font Pairing 
  • Psychology of Typography 
  • Color Theory Introduction 
  • Color Wheel Basics 
  • Color Harmony 
  • Color Palettes 
  • Psychology of Color 
  • Color Accessibility 
  • Color Spaces
  • Using Photos in Design
  • Composition & Layout 
  • Different Layout Types
  • Introduction to Grids
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Using Grids

This guide is great if you are an aspiring or budding designer who wants to have that one single place to review all the important aspects of design theory. I want this guide to help assist you in using the core design theory elements to create stronger designs that are both effective and professional.

Extra Downloadable Design Theory Posters!

This purchase also comes with High Resolution graphic design theory poster files (pdf & jpegs) that you can use to get them printed on your own or have as an extra resource. Includes:

  1. Color Theory Poster
  2. Typography Theory Poster
  3. Layout Theory Poster
  4. Logo Design Theory Poster
  5. Combined Theory of Everything Poster


The Practical Guide to Logo Design Theory!

This resource contains over 100+ pages of helpful content that goes into further detail about logo design theory, logo types, logo categories, logo classifications, the history of logo design styles, design process, concept development, client interactions, sketching, branding and more. 

BONUS PDF RESOURCE - The Guide to Digital Design - Social Media Edition!

This 35 page resource tackles digital design, with a focus on social media. We go over best practices, sizes and tips for organic and paid posts.


The Guide to Print Design!

We go over different print options, styles, inks, paper types and how to set up common graphic design print projects types like package design, book covers.